Secrets of getting great Deals on Apparel

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Secret of getting the Best Deals in Apparel

Apparel Merchandising is part of the Fashion Business. The success of an Apparel Speciality Store depends on selling what is in vogue (ie. the present fashion). When a typical customer visits an Apparel Store what does he look for in choosing his clothing? If you say he looks for quality, nature of fabric, comfortable fit and price of the garment then you are not wrong but you have missed the key parameter that defines the buying behaviour of the customer. As far the the purchase of apparel is concerned the primary consideration for purchase is psychological satisfication: "Is it the latest product? Is the garment in vogue?"

Unsold goods become obsolete and is a loss for the Fashion Business. Fashion keeps changing with time and season and so the product life cycle for the Fashion Store is very short. Merchandise must be updated regularly to stay in business. It is not surprising that a primary rule for the Apparel Industry is "What is purchased must be sold as quickly as possible." Herein lies the secret of obtaining a really good deal at an Apparel Store. Since the Fashion Industry suffers from the problem of high turnover, therefore the Fashion Store will give huge discounts on high quality apparel if the products are soon going to be out of vogue or if they are already out of fashion. It is common knowledge that one can get good deals on winter clothing during the summer season and vice-versa. If one is willing to buy slightly out of fashion apparel that an Apparel Store is soon going to replace with a new collection then one can get a really fantastic deal on clothing, apparel and its accessories.