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Top Car Modifications for Performance

No matter what car you have, you can always improve its performance at the fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Here are some basic performance oriented car modifications:

  • Wheels - Replace with alloys that is lighter than steel wheels. Wider tyres have a better grip. The choice of tyres should be need based. For example, there are tyres that are designed specifically for winter (snow), summer (extremely hot weather), off-road, mud, and all-terrain.

  • Exhaust - The Exhaust system of a vehicle has multiple parts and several kinds of modifications are available that improve performance. For example, certain types of exhaust systems help reduce fuel consumption, increase air volume, etc.

  • Coils and Springs - The Suspension setup of a vehicle is also highly customizable. For example the height of the vehicle can be lowered to improve its centre of gravity, or ground clearance can be increased for off-roading purposes.

  • Air Intake (Filters) - The purpose of the air filter is to provide clean air. Certain types of Air Intake Filters can help improve the performance of the car's 'engine.

  • Tuning - A car can be tuned to meet a different set of performance parameters than the original settings. It is possible to go for an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Re-Map by using a software application. This is done by plugging a laptop into the car's OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port to run the ECU remap app.

  • NOTE that certain types of MODs can void the car's warranty due to safety concerns etc. Therefore, major modifications should be done only after consulting an expert.

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