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Hair Care

The basic steps to achieve a beautiful body is to eat healthy food, exercise regularly and to keep the body clean. This post is focused on hair care.

Beautiful hair is an asset, particularly for a woman. Hair is delicate. Care is required to maintain healthy, shiny and beautiful hair. In order to better care for your hair, determine your hair type. Is your hair oily or dry? Is your hair straight or curly? Then choose your appropriate hair care option.

Tips for Naturally Beautiful Hair
  • Regular scalp massage stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow.

  • Regularly condition your hair with oil - hot oil treatment. This will prevent split hairs and give a bounce and shine to your hair.

  • Use safe hair care products - prefer hair care products that include essential oils and herbs.

  • Avoid washing your hair with shampoos containg strong chemicals. Many such chemical produce good lather but are harmful for your hair.

  • Use a good comb. Select a comb depending on whether you have curly or straight hair.

  • Trim your hair to remove split ends.

  • Keeping healthy by eating nutritious food and doing regular exercise is also good for your hair.

Wash your hair regularly to keep it clean. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. Using a conditioner makes combing hair later on easier. After your hair is dry and ready to be combed, use a shine serum and a detangling solution.

  • Lice and other parasites can be transported from scalp to scalp by sharing your hair brush and combs.

  • High traction from wearing tight pony tails or buns can result is hair loss (traction alopecia).

  • Smoking can cause grey hair.

  • A good home remedy for frizzy hair is to apply coconut oil onto your hair.

  • To remove hair dye use hot oil treatments, hairsprays and shampooing. This process will gradually fade away the hair dye.

  • To prevent hair dye from staining your skin, appy vaseline around the hairline before dyeing.

  • Whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight, a healthy shine is a must for your hair.

Grey Hair Problem
  • Grey Hair can be caused by Heredity.

  • Grey Hair can be caused by Smoking.

  • Grey Hair can be caused by Lack of vitamin B12 and anti-oxidants such as Omega 3.

So the best option to reverse grey hair is to modify your diet and stop smoking. You can also start using a good hair dye to color your hair. Recent research has shown that grey hair may be cause due to low levels of melanin in the body. Supplements that increase the level of melanin in the body can help fight grey hair. Such Supplements can also be used to slow down male baldness and hair loss.

Hair Loss

There are several causes of hair loss. The most common reasons for hair loss are due to a combination of hormonal activity and heredity factors. If you suffer from hereditary hair thinning (alopecia), you can fight back with Rogaine. The sooner you start, the better your chances of regrowing your hair.

What are the factors that may lead to Hair Loss?
  • Hormone changes in the body such as during pregnancy.

  • Consuming drugs such as some antibiotics.

  • Illness often accompanied with fever.

  • Situations that cause excessive long term emotional stress.

  • Excessive dieting.

  • Chronic Anemia.

  • Baldness which is usually an inherited condition.

Hair Extensions - Creating a Beautiful Long Hair Style Instantly

Long natural looking hair is always desirable. If you have short hair, you can take advantage of hair extensions to create long natural looking hair. A hair stylist can help you attach a hair extension. There are three techniques to attach hair extensions : fusion (done strand by strand), weaving and bonding. After getting a hair extension, you need to visit your hair stylist periodically to maintain your hair extension. You need to care for you hair extension just as you would care for your natural hair, brushing and shampooing it in the same way.

Hair extensions may be made of natural hair or they may be synthetic fibre extensions. Synthetic fibre hair extensions have the advantage of being lighter, they don't tangle easily and it is easier to get a color match. On the other hand human hair extensions are more natural looking.

Regular hair extensions can be expensive. For a cheaper option you can try clip-on-hair extensions.

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