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Transformational Yoga & Meditation Journey

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Transformational Yoga & Meditation Journey

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On this course, you will develop your yoga practice by experiencing different yoga styles, including yin, Hatha and vinyasa flow.You will learn pranayama techniques to control the breath, strengthen the respiratory system and relax the nervous system. This releases stress and increases harmony within the body.You will learn about your chakras, releasing emotional blockages and strengthening the energy flow so that you can let go of what no longer serves you and step into your personal happiness.You will learn how to connect the body and breathe, taking your Asanas to the next dimension, allowing you to shift your awareness within.You will connect to yourself on a higher level and calm your manic mind through blissful meditation.This course is designed not only to strengthen your practice but to take you through a 3 stage journey;This is perfect for you if you want toRelease - tension, stress, anxiety and self-doubtRestore - confidence, peace and self-loveRegain - strength, flexibility, determination and claim your personal power!By end of this journey, you will have created a deep respect for your mind, body and soul and be able to take these practices through your life. let your body be strong, your mind be free and your heart lead the way.

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