Explore Ancient History

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Ancient History & Scriptures

Explore Ancient History via the Scriptures

History is often associated with mystery. It is the mystery in history that makes it interesting. Very few reliable facts are available about the major ancient civilizations. Some believe that these ancient civilizations were extremely advanced and that their end came due to some major natural disaster that affected the entire earth. Books such as the Bible, Quran and the Vedas are religious scriptures but they also contain important references to ancient history. The "great flood" was perhaps a major event that wiped out almost all traces of the pre-flood ancient civilizations. The four great ancient civilizations for which some records exist are:

  • The Sumerian civilization with its origins in Asia (modern day Iraq).
  • The Egyptian civilization of the middle east in Asia.
  • The Indus Valley civilization of the Indian sub-continent in Asia. (Mohenjo daro and Harappan civilization).
  • The Mayan civilization of the Americas.
Ancient Technology that cannot be explained

Research continues to determine the nature and origins of these civilizations including any advanced technologies that they may have possessed. The archaeological sites related to these civilizations are major tourist attractions. There is an on going debate about the origins and the possible technologies that these ancient civilizations possessed. This debate has been a source of great excitement, wonder and mystery. Some of the theories that have been proposed are:

  • The Ancient astronaut theory.
  • Mohenjo daro civilization and their knowledge of atomic energy.
  • Mahabharata, a part of the vedic scriptures, that speaks of nuclear warfare.
  • Atlantis, The Lost Empire.
  • Theories about the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx of Egypt.

One of the most popular books that attempts to prove that alien explorers had visited the earth thousands of years ago is Chariot of the Gods by Eric Von Daniken. For proof this book relies upon ancient structures, carvings and texts. These ruins often reveal application of engineering skills that easily exceed present day modern technology.

The Ancient Astronaut Theory is explored by the TV series on History Channel known as Ancient Aliens. The Indiana Jones movies The Ultimate Quest and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull also explore this concept.

Some believe that the Wheel of Prophet Ezekiel mentioned in the Bible may also support the Ancient Astronaut Theory. The modern day Omni-Wheel robots are fitted with omni-directional wheels similar to those described in the Book of Prophet Ezikiel.