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Feeling Beautiful

The importance of "Beauty" is best revealed in the statement: "If you look better then you feel better and create a positive influence around you." Physical appearance alters with age, depends upon genetics and other factors but this does not mean that to "look beautiful" you must rely upon revealing clothes, expensive jewelry or other such artificial and costly measures.

Feeling beautiful is more important than physical beauty. When you feel beautiful you radiate both confidence and compassion. If you work towards ensuring good mental and physical health then you automatically invest in true beauty. Today there are many expensive treatments that can provide an extreme makeover. Cosmetic treatments include teeth straighteners & whiteners, botox & cellulite treatments, alterations for lips, bones, waist, hair and so on. A good (and expensive) cosmetic surgeon can completely alter the way you look. The primary question that remains is: "How far will you go in defining beauty given the endless options that are available?" It is best not to become a "beautyholic" and focus primarily on good health and happiness.

Beauty and the Beast

Prior to using Beauty Products it is important to understand the concept of beauty so that an individual is not overwhelmed by the advertisments of the ruthless beauty industry that is known to create false images that project a minor or limited issue as a major problem. There is no perfect single answer to questions such as: "What is the best skin color? What is the ideal weight?" It is important to understand that the root of beauty is in those elements that are natural and healthy. Beauty should extend and empower the natural self rather than attempt to extinguish and replace it.

True Beauty is about empowerment of the individual and not about creating a false image that hides the truth. Certain societies have created an unrealistic concept of beauty as a result of which an entire Beauty Industry has arisen that promises to fill in the gaps. More often than not the beauty industry profits from the unreal insecurities of an individual and that is certainly not a good idea. Beauty is not just skin deep. The concept of beauty also covers the overall health of the individual, the education and character of the indvidual, and those spiritual qualities called inner beauty. If people feels powerless or less acceptable unless they hide behind beauty aids then it is a sign that they have become too dependent on external beauty products. Such a foolish approach only helps open up a path for the Beauty Industry to ruthlessly profit from some non-existent weaknesses of the people. In a random survey of typical young working women, only about 4% identified themselves as beautiful. This shows that the concept of beauty as understood by them was hugely flawed because the vast majority had a poor opinion of themselves and this can only have negative consequences for the society as a whole.