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Clothing and Fashion

The whole objective behind fashion is to enhance the individual so that the fashionable clothes help highlight the individual. For example, if the focus of attention of the admirer shifts to the shirt rather than the person wearing the shirt then the real purpose of dressing for success has not been met. The choice of the color for your shirt should take into account hair color as well as skin tone. For example, a white shirt for a person with light hair color and fair skin may not be the best idea. Instead of white, a darker color, such a shade of blue, may be a better option.

Whereas correctly chosen clothing can help improve your image, the quality of the material (fabric) is of key importance. High quality material is expensive and a high-end suit can make the individual appear more professional. Clothing should match not only the occasion (business meeting versus informal evening party) but also provide comfort (winter apparel versus summer apparel) to the wearer.

Fashion involves not only beauty treatment but also what you wear. The clothes you wear along with your hairstyle and glasses are an integral part of your fashion statement. Dress for the occasion. Are you going to work, travelling on holiday, or attending a special function such as a marriage or dinner party? Each such occasion demands that you dress differently not only for comfort but also to make a fashion statement. The color of your clothes and how they match, loose fitting or tight clothes, long or short garments, are some of the choices and styles to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate clothes to wear.

History of Fashion

It is true that the basic purpose of clothing is to protect one from the harsh elements of the environment. However, it is also obvious that fashion matters and has always been important for mankind. That is why the selection of apparel varies widely for weddings, funerals, parties, business events and various types of ceremonies. Some events require a stricter code and persons attending or belonging to such institutions (school, military) wear a uniform.

In many societies of the past, fashion was an indicator of class structure. In the ancient past apparel was used to distinguish the elite from the commoners. Even today some of the wearers of expensive outfits do so merely to establish social superiority. However, the modern man realizes that the primary purpose of fashion today is that of being a cultural and creative tool with a peaceful and non-aggressive intent.